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My Animal Shelter Experience

By Sandy Murphey I first started volunteering at my local city shelter as a “cat cuddler” at the suggestion of a therapist that I was seeing for depression. I’d been isolating myself, and this was one of the suggestions she … please continue reading

Scabs on cats. Causes


This page lists the major causes of scabs on cats. Scratching to relieve itching is the major cause of scabs on cats as the scab is formed to cover the self-inflected wound. You just have to figure out the reason … please continue reading

Cat Walks in Circles. Causes


Here are the major reasons for a cat walking in circles: Nasal cryptococcosis – a yeast-like fungus. Cryptococcosis is the most common systemic fungal infection affecting the domestic cat. Nasal cryptococcosis is one type and the most common. It is … please continue reading

Cat stumbling around. Causes


These are the major causes of a cat stumbling around. Injuries or diseases of the cerebellum. The cerebellum is large and well-developed in felines. It is concerned with a cat’s coordination and balance. Accordingly, if it does not function properly … please continue reading