Brooding Hen Hatches Kittens

Brooding hen hatches kittens

There are some fascinating cat and chicken videos on the internet. There is a farm relationship between these two animals and I think it is because there are lots of farm cats interacting with chickens. This is one of the best. please continue reading

The Origin of the Word Ailurophile


The origin of the word ailurophile, which means ‘cat lover’, is found in the ancient Greek language. ‘Ailurus’ is the ancient Greek word for the domestic cat. It is also spelled ‘ailourus’. The word was coined, it is believed, by … please continue reading

Charlotte Brontë’s Cat Tiger

Charlotte Bronte loved her cat Tiger

It is nice to know that one of the world’s most celebrated novelists, Charlotte Brontë, was a cat lover. She lived between 1816 and 1855. She loved her cat whose name was Tiger. He played at her feet while she … please continue reading

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