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UK Parliament Rejects Cat Mouser

The UK Parliament has thrown away a good opportunity to raise the profile of MPs and cats. The British Parliament (Palace of Westminster), described as “the mother of all parliaments”, has rejected the idea of adopting one, or perhaps, two … please continue reading

Diwali Terrifies Cats and Dogs

I respect all customs and cultures as long as they respect me and my cats….. Diwali, the “festival of lights” an ancient Hindu festival signifying victory of “light over darkness” and “good over evil”, terrifies domestic cats and dogs. It … please continue reading

If you’d like to upload a picture of your cat with a brief description please go to the base of the page and use the comment box and upload button below it. Please try and make sure the picture is not too large.


Pictures of Cats — 3 Comments

  1. If you’d like to upload a picture of your cat and add a short description, please go ahead. You’ll see an upload button below the comment entry box. Comments on this, the home page, are eventually deleted once they have been actioned. The comments here are a means of communication; for example, if you want me to publish of publicise something.

  2. Good day Michael
    here is teh video of LAILA’s cage, The work is still in progress. I am making the cage with the art of DANMARK handicraft style, which is making any furniture in parts instead of in single piecs. The cage will surely go up to 8 feet high, with every necessity which a kitten to cat requires and I will make every and each item with love and with my own hands. It will take time but I am hoping that Laila will be settled in the cage within 14 days because this cage is not an ordinary in shape and is complicated/ professional with many thoughts in my mind, I hope you all will enjoy after its completion and hope you will also give me suggestions for the future. <3

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