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Feline anatomy is attractive to women

Woman and cat

There are many good, positive reasons why more women than men are attracted to the cat. It is a good phenomenon. It occurred to me that another reason is that cat anatomy is attractive to women. There are possible two … please continue reading

Vet clinic accidentally kills cat with dog drug

bosco poisoned at vets

“What I think now is his death sentence was sealed the moment she injected him.” On the left is Bosco, about 12-years-of-age and on the right is pensioner Lillian Carr, Bosco’s former owner. Bosco is now dead and cremated because unfortunately … please continue reading

Why don’t dogs like cats? 

Dog chases cat up a tree

The question, “why don’t dogs like cats?” entered into a Google search, presupposes that dogs don’t like cats, which is not quite true because if a kitten is successfully socialised to a dog and vice-versa during the sensitive weeks when … please continue reading

Why are tigers endangered (for kids)?

Tiger clipart

Kids want to know why tigers are endangered. These are the main reasons in simplified English. I have not written much on purpose. The word ‘endangered’ means that there is a real danger that there will be no tigers living … please continue reading

Why are Siamese cats so clingy?

Siamese cat

I don’t believe Siamese cats are necessarily clingy. For ‘clingy’ you could might, instead, describe the Siamese as liking human company. Clingy is being a bit critical whereas a cat who likes to be around people is desirable. There are … please continue reading