Man Living with 55 Dead Cats

This story comes from Gahanna, Ohio, USA. A man was living with 55 dead cats. In all there were 166 cats therefore 111 were living. I think that it is the most extraordinary example of cat hoarding that I have … please continue reading

Do white cats have a shorter life span?

Mikey a deaf white cat

There is no direct reason why white cats should have shorter lifespan. Although white cats can be deaf and have odd-eye color. The deafness makes the white cat more vulnerable outside. However, I am sure nearly all owners of deaf, white cats keep them inside. Therefore I’d argue that there is no reason why white cats should have a shorter lifespan than average. please continue reading

What percentage of cats are declawed?

Percentage of declawed cats

It is estimated that between 20 and 30% of domestic cats in America and Canada are declawed but things are changing. For example the province of Nova Scotia, Canada banned declawing very recently. The attitude in Canada is changing. Regrettably around 60% of Americans still favor declawing perhaps through lack of awareness of its true nature. Veterinarians don’t do enough to educate. please continue reading

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