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Idiotic cat ownership

Cat tied to car hood while car is being driven

I don’t think you will see a better example of idiotic cat ownership.  This American woman apparently thinks it is a good idea to tie her calico cat to the hood (bonnet in the UK) of her car and then … please continue reading

Are full frame cameras better?

Full frame camera

Full frame cameras are not necessarily better than cameras with a smaller sensor although on a like-for-like basis they are if the camera suits you. For people who aren’t sure, ‘full frame cameras’ are cameras which have a full frame … please continue reading

Karl Lagerfeld is wrong about animal fur

Fur making a comback

Karl Lagerfeld is wrong about animal fur. He told The New York Times: “For me, as long as people eat meat and wear leather, I don’t get the message…” Karl Lagerfeld has spent 50 years at the Fendi label. Fendi … please continue reading

Some cats are allergic to plastic

Pets can be allergic to plastic food bowls

Some cats are allergic to plastic.  There are a lot of things in the household and around the home to which a cat can be allergic.  I believe allergic reactions in cats is a bigger problem than we like to … please continue reading