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Is it normal for a 3 month old Siamese kitten to have eyes that look green yet sometimes blue? He is a Chocolate Point.

Siamese blue eyes

This is a question that involves a reference to both the breed standard and cat anatomy. We know that kittens have blue eyes and that eye colour develops. This is because of the development of pigmentation. Blue eyes lack pigmentation … please continue reading

Does anyone know how I can get my feline a modeling gig?

Cat Model

In an age of manic celebrity and 15 minutes of fame (an Andy Warhol expression) the question in the title has some meaning to some people. There’s money in those cats, you know, after seeing the soaring success of Grumpy … please continue reading


How do I make a cartoon picture of my cat? Charlie Answer: You can use Cartoonize My Pet. I discuss the software on this page: http://pictures-of-cats.org/cartoonize-my-pet.html Enjoy. And thanks for asking me! Yours is the first question using this form…. … please continue reading