Are indoor cats better in pairs?

Indoor cats are better in pairs provided they are good friends.

Provided the cats get along well I believe that indoor cats are better in pairs for the simple reason that they can entertain each other and keep each other company thereby providing mental stimulation. I believe that the biggest difficulty … please continue reading

If I fits I sits cat

If I fits I sits (lie)

“if i fits i sits cats’ is long established meme. It has been refined and developed. It’s largely about cats trying to fit into ridiculously small boxes or other receptacles reflecting the domestic cat’s obsession with being confined on four … please continue reading

Do cats understand death?

Do cats understand death?

The answer will be a personal one because we can’t rely on science. I believe cats don’t understand death. They don’t fear death and are impervious to its ramifications. This is a question asked through Google search. Unsurprisingly Google fails … please continue reading

Do cats understand smiles?

Do cats understand smiles?

This is an interesting question. Cat owners will have to rely on their own experiences and their knowledge of cat behaviour to answer it because you won’t find the answer in books. The answer is in human body language and … please continue reading

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