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Pictures of Cats — 46 Comments

  1. Hi Tina, Lovely kitten and a good photo. If you’d like to tell us more (the story in a bit of detail) I’ll turn it into an article. All you need to do is use another comment box and add some pictures. Thanks for sharing.

      • Wow he’s beautiful. What breed is he do you know. I bet u he gets lots of cuddles. I have a three fluffy cats too. Two are very fluffy and one is thin/medium Hairs. Love his markings. Mine are all Domestic Longhairs.

        • Kylee, I have had a few Facebook friends say they think he looks like a Maine Coon mix. Being a feral cat, I don’t know anything about his parents. He has a long-haired calico/tortie sister, who was adopted out that sort of looks Maine Coon too.

  2. Dear MICHAEL
    I want to ask you a technical question.

    Is it possible to shoot a feral cat with tranquilizer gun or pistol from a distance of 30 to 50 feet?

    If tranquilizer medicine may be a least amount, safe for cats.

    please any idea?

    • I am sure it is possible but it is dangerous because getting the correct amount of sedative into the cat is important and because the feral cat is small it may be very tricky to hit the target accurately to not hurt the cat.

      I recently wrote an article about America wildlife services killing two mountain lions with tranquillizer darts. They were meant to sedate them but killed the cats – you may have read it. It seems tricky to me and I have never heard of anyone doing it. The classic way is to trap them in a cage and then release.

      • I have read the story Michael
        I know the TNR and how to trap a cat or kitten without any damage to such fellow.

        I have read the articles online and still looking for better ideas and thank you for reply as I was also thinking about the circumstances which a cat could face after being tranquilize. :(

        • Moreover I was just thinking that the science and research has so much advanced in these days and specially in this millennium, Maybe the scientists have discovered the minimum amount of the drug to be used as tranquilizer, therefore I asked you this question. Maybe you better know about it???

          • Hi, there is a sedative but it must be given intravenously and so therefore cannot be put into a dart. The only way to catch the feral cats who won’t come close to you is with a trap. I can show you how to build a trap yourself if you reply to this message.


  3. Dear Michael I am sharing this 80×80 pic of mine to set as AVATAR for my posts, please accept. I am unable to set my AVATAR.

  4. I love that picture. A cat and an owl. Great combination. I’ll make your comment a page today and if you wish you can add a comment to the page and we can build the page that way. Thanks for visiting and sharing. We love Dylan and Ark on the Edge.

  5. What a lovely picture, I love Dylan he is so totally relaxed all the time, did I see on his Facebook page that he now considers himself a senior cat? Glad the fundraiser went well. x

    • You certainly did. He was 7 in July.
      He never ceases to amaze me. Looking towards doing another of these events.Dylan sends his love x

      • We’ll keep an eye out for your next event, they always seem very popular, we couldn’t get near at Aycliffe show, love to you both xx

  6. Just want to note that, in my entire lifetime, I have never had a cat scratch my car.
    They really don’t do it. They don’t like slick surfaces.
    Raccoons are another story.

  7. Thank you so much for your help, Michael .. My kitten is only 5 months , she is about 6 pounds at the moment .. I will know when she gets bigger if she is for sure a savannah. She is very demanding if I am eating chicken or fish or any food for that matter , is always following me around the house and loves sleeping in high up places , her personality is very unique , I am hopeful she has some savannah genes in her , not sure which generation but that either way she is a blessing ! :) loved the video you sent me of the savannah that looks like her ! Thank you for your time !!

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