What Is Lockjaw in Cats?

Lockjaw in cats

“Lockjaw” is a layman’s term for tetanus. It is said that tetanus is extremely rare in cats. The reason why it is called lockjaw is because one of the symptoms is difficulty in opening the mouth. Other symptoms are spastic … please continue reading

Why Is My Cat Trembling?

Charlie my cat

I think that we have to distinguish between tremors and trembling. In layman’s language, trembling can also mean shivering. Shivering may indicate a fever. Also, you may see cats shivering or trembling when, for example, at a veterinarian’s clinic because … please continue reading

How to Remove a Tick from a Cat

Have some tweezers to hand before starting. Should you spot a tick on your cat’s body, avoid the temptation of simply trying to pull it out. All you will get is the body, while the head and jaws remain buried … please continue reading

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