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Caitlin Moran is a Cat Hater


Caitlin Moran is a celebrated Times journalist. She is the current columnist of the year. Caitlin Moran has come out. She has declared to the world in the Saturday magazine that “it’s taken me 9 years to admit it but: … please continue reading

Microchipping People

At one time there were rumors that President Obama’s health reforms required that all Americans be microchipped to store personal data. I presume this also meant medical data. I am not sure. There were protests, understandably. We have barely got … please continue reading

Gabs sleeping

Headless cat. My cat Gabriel sleeping.

Four pages tagged with “Cat names“:

Unlucky Cat Names

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home tell us that cats with the names: Charlie, Princess and Tigger a more likely to be at their rescue re-homing facility than cats with other names. These are some of the more common cat names … please continue reading

Does your cat have several names?

It is interesting that I have a habit of gradually modifying the names of my cats. The name develops and evolves. It just happens instinctively and emotionally. I don’t sit down and think about it. The new name just comes … please continue reading

If you’d like to upload a picture of your cat with a brief description please go to the base of the page and use the comment box and upload button below it. Please try and make sure the picture is not too large.


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  1. If you’d like to upload a picture of your cat and add a short description, please go ahead. You’ll see an upload button below the comment entry box. Comments on this, the home page, are eventually deleted once they have been actioned. The comments here are a means of communication; for example, if you want me to publish of publicise something.

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