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Captive killer whales die very young

Killer whales lifespan is curtailed in captivity

This is not about the domestic cat but it is about animals. Our relationship with animals is indirectly about cats so I hope people will be patient with me. We have all heard about captive killer whales entertaining people. The … please continue reading

Most notorious cat cruelty cases

Notorious cat killing cases

These are the most notorious cat cruelty cases I know of from being involved in web searches and posting articles over eight years. They are also the most sinister and gruesome. There is something of a horror movie quality about … please continue reading

White spotting gene charts

Here is a series of very useful charts showing various aspects of the effect of the presence of the white spotting gene including theories on how the gene works to create varying amounts of white fur. The charts come from … please continue reading

Is your cat a caver?

Is your cat a caver? If yes, Jackson Galaxy needs your photos. Cat caving is a term coined by Jackson Galaxy to describe cats who like to go under things (‘the unders’) or into hiding places. He is asking for … please continue reading