Bengal Cat – Maine Coon Mix

You’ll enjoy this excellent photograph of two sibling Maine Coon/Bengal Cat mix cats. When I first saw them, I thought they could be Bengal cat twins. They really do look very alike. And they look far more like Bengal cats than Maine Coons.

Bengal Cat Maine Coon hybrid cats

Bengal Cat Maine Coon hybrid cats

“Photo courtesy of Dan Power – All Rights Reserved.

Despite looking carefully, I couldn’t be certain of the names of these gorgeous cats. One problem was that they look so alike you could easily a mistake. I hope Deborah, their human guardian and caretaker, leaves a comment and tells us their names. Deborah and Dan kindly agreed to let me publish Dan’s photograph on this website.

Dan Power takes a damn good photo. Mind you he does have fine looking subjects, which helps.

These two splendid cats are hybrids and I have never seen a Bengal to Maine Coon hybrid before. It is an interesting mix because it seems to me that the Bengal genes are dominant to the Maine Coon genes. Perhaps Deborah can comment on that also. As mentioned they look like Bengal cats except, perhaps, for that famous Maine Coon muzzle. I don’t think the Bengal cat has a muzzle that is as square and as strong as can be seen in the photograph.

They do have that Bengal cat wild-eyed look. You can notice that particularly strongly with the cat on the right. He/she looks a bit wilder in the picture.

The coat is another interesting aspect. Bengal cats have tabby coats: spotted in a variety of spots shapes/types and blotchy which is called a classic tabby. The two siblings in the picture have banded fur on the limbs but I can’t see the body. I will presume they are spotted cats.

Deborah has a very cat orientated household. Deborah says this:

I actually have eight cats – 3 rescues (one Ragdoll, one Maine Coon mix, and one Tortie mix), a purebred Bengal, a purebred Maine Coon, and three Maine
Coon/Bengal mix. You can find me on Facebook and look at all of my photo
albums. If you are looking to feature the purebred Bengal, you will find a
lot of images of my beautiful girl, Zoey.

The cats are definitely on an equal footing to the humans. Actually they are probably more important. We love that and great cat pictures on PoC. Thanks Deborah and Dan. With your permission I’ll probably be returning to your cats in the future to feature them again on PoC.

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  1. Yay – Deb Barnes, Zee and Zoey and Co, if you are reading this Deb, I’m a lurker of the Chronicles of Zee and Zoey. Michael, she is correct, there are many fantastic photos if you haven’t yet checked her link and blog. They take some of the best photos of cats I’ve seen and they have some very beautiful cats. Deb also just wrote a super response to the latest bird study (or should I say mathematical calculation of biased extrapolations). In the photo above you can see the Maine Coon muzzle in my opinion but it’s true that the Bengal is the main force in the way they look. It’s funny that, they could have looked all Maine Coon too. I wonder if then much of their behaviour is Maine Coon-ish. But from what I have read about these cats they are have wonderful and dynamic characters that probably embody much of both. Zoey, the mother of these 2 cats looks so much like them actually. Zee, the dad is a beautiful classic tabby Maine Coon. They are a tabby familly thats for sure. I just love Zee but I have a thing for long haired boys cats I think. This photo is such a great capture. They both have slightly different expressions and are both staring at the camera. Great stuff!

    • I didn’t know you were mates with Debs 😉 Just joking. You know more than I do about these attractive cats. You could argue that a Maine Coon/Bengal cat hybrid is a match made in heaven. Both cat have great characteristics. But I wonder what the purist cat breeders say. I don’t think it is important actually. What do breeders know. Dan is a very good photographer.

      • No I’m not but I read her blog so I know alot about Zee and Zoey and their kittens and the 2 rescue cats. There’s a new little one now too. He’s great. I’m a lurker – i.e.: someone who reads but has as of yet never commented. 🙂

  2. They are very nice photos! Gorgeous markings. So what would we call a Maine Coon/Bengal offspring? A Maingal? Bencoon? I really like Maingal…

    Sick of photos of cats (and other animals) in American Football uniforms or with helmets, posing with footballs, etc. If they were well done and the cats looked happy to do it? I might not hate it, but it’s a silly trend. Cats belong on top the tv set with a paw dangling in front of the football game.

    • “Cats belong on top the tv set with a paw dangling in front of the football game.”

      Yes, then you’ll have stop watching your football and play with your cat…

  3. That was my first thought when I first saw the photo Michael mainly Bengal then you mentioned the muzzle so I went back and yes you can definitely see the Maine Coon there.

    They are two beautiful cats no mistake.

    Ive seen a lot of Maine Coon/Bengal kittens for sale on the internet they appear to be coming quite popular. I have seen a number that have the Maine Coon look except for the Tabby and Spotted coat. Their personalities are usually described a bengal.

    Deborah hope you don’t mind I’ve sent you a friend request as I have 3 cats myself (one a Black Maine Coon) and I love getting kitty updates!

  4. We’ve had a Bengal-Maine Coon mix female since 2010, she has the leopard spots on her sides and the long hair of a coon. But the softness of her hair is all Bengal, she even has glitter.

    • Gosh what a truly stunning cat. She is one of those cats that I put in the top 10 or 20 cats that I’ve seen over the 7 years I have been managing this website and trust me I have seen tens of thousands of cats! Thanks sharing.

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