How Long are Cats Pregnant

How Long are Cats Pregnant

How long are cats pregnant? The answer depends on the type of cat. Here is a graph showing the domestic cat and some wildcats, medium and large and the differences in length of pregnancy:

chart showing how long cats are pregnant for

And here is the same information presented in the form of a table:

Cat Ave. Length of Pregnancy (days)
Domestic cat 63
Scottish Wildcat 65
Serval 74
Cheetah 92.5
Clouded leopard 93
Leopard 101
Snow Leopard 101.5
Tiger 102
Lion 108

Although the length of pregnancy differs between cats and particularly between domestic and wild cat the style of mating is all very similar including the male’s teeth being sunk into the neck of the female to “sedate” her for a short while. See Cats Mating.

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