How To Herd Cats

How To Herd Cats

How to herd cats…….Yup, howdy cowboys, here’s how to herd the good ‘ole shorthair. Yup, he’s a tough critta and he can sure hurt. One of ’em scratched ma face to shreds th’other day, boy. But we bring ’em in…….all of them dudes…

Herding cat ain’t easy but it sure is satisfyin’. Here are some YouTube comments:

I liked it. I have a lot of cats….it is something like that!

i helped do this!!!! with my school!!!!OMG!!

i wanna see the same ad but with monkeys lol

Great idea for an ad. Loved it!!! Especially when they panned to the herder using a lintroller on his vest to remove the cat hair. And, the cats making way across the water. Brilliant!!!

How To Herd Cats! to Cat Facts

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