Lion Quiz For Kids


Zimbabwe lions. Photo by cardamom

Lion Quiz For Kids

This is a fun quiz about the lion for kids who want to see if they know something about the lion. It is important that people do know about the lion. Just click on the "Start" button. There are five answers to each question. Choose the right one. If you choose the wrong one you might get a hint and you should try again. If you are get it right after trying again you will still get some points. So keep trying 😉
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If you want to read and see more on the lion, here are some pages that you might enjoy.

The first is written for kids:

  • Lion Facts for Kids – this is a nice easy to read page on this majestic wild cat.
  • Lion Mane – this is written for parents and grown ups but you might like it. I think the lion’s mane is very interesting. Only the lion has a mane.
  • Lion Facts – a long, hard to read page for parents but all the important facts are on the page.
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Lion Quiz For Kids — 8 Comments

  1. Interesting about the mane and being the only cat with one. Almost like some herbivores. I’m sure it gives great protection though as well as presence. I will follow the link to the Lion Mane page.

    • Hop you found the quiz OK. I used some new software. It is a “plugin” and it took a little while to figure out. I tried to focus on the big facts and make it multiple choice. They are a bit easier That’s all.

      The lion’s mane is very interesting. It really is tied up with macho male, sex, standing, leadership and dominance. Sounds like people.

      • We all knew this, as we are all catlovers. 🙂 But to me, it doesn’t translate that readily to humans. My mate is bald. 😉

  2. Oh dear I only got 75%, out by 2 hours on how long lions do nothing and got the wrong mane answer too 🙁
    It’s a very good quiz Michael

    • You did well, very well. It is designed to just challenge a bit on the main topics while providing 5 answers. Lions are amazing lazy but they can afford to be, The mane is unique. A dark long one is the most attractive to females 😉

  3. Shoot. I did only a score 0f 82% Some of those potential answers got me laughing so hard, I quit caring. Thanks alot, Michael.

    just as an aside, I think that I finished my quiz.” Why can’t I exit. LOL!

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