Munchkin Cat Breed

“Most cats, when they are Out want to be In, and vice versa, and often simultaneously.” – Louis J. Camuti – cat quotes. This is true because cats don’t understand doors or the difference between outside and inside. These are human concepts. Below this collage of Helmi Flick photographs, I explain why the photos and Galadrial are so right for this breed of cat.

Munchkin cat Galadrial

The Munchkin is said to be a “normal sized cat in every way”1 with short legs. You can see the leg length very accurately in the larger of the three photographs. And Galadrial is such a normal looking cat. He is a calico cat but this breed can be shown in all colors and categories. There you have it, a classic Munchkin cat.

The Munchkin’s legs are about 5 inches from ground to shoulder blade.

Here are some key facts about this breed:


1. Legacy of the Cat by Gloria Stephens and Tetsu.

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