Picture: Cat Rolling in Grass

The weather is good in London, UK, at the moment, so I took Charlie outside and plonked him on the grass, grabbed the camera, waited and took a decent photograph. I love to see him in the grass; rolling in it, luxuriating in it. He is still out there, right now. I think he asked me to take him out. Well, he enjoyed it and he should go out if the weather is good.

The picture is published upside down deliberately to make it a bit more interesting.

Cat rolling around in the grass, London, UK. Photo: Michael

Cat rolling around in the grass, London, UK. Photo: Michael

Do you think the feel of the grass on their backs is pleasurable to a cat and a dog or other animal? Foxes roll around like this. It has to be pleasurable. Why? Is it the cool roughness that gently scratches the back and cools the skin? Is rolling around in the grass simply an act of pleasure; a gesture and expression of temporary contentment?

The original photograph is a lot sharper and carries much more detail. The internet has difficulty presenting large, heavy files. This is a reduced size version but it has the feel of the original.


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  1. That is a great up close and personal shot of his beautiful face. I love the contrast of the green grass and his fur. Especially that reddish under belly.

    • Thanks dw. He is handsome isn’t he 😉 He wanted me to stay out there but I went inside, uploaded the picture, wrote the page and talked to him through the window at the same time to try and keep him outside. He has become a bit of a home loving cat.

      • Then, maybe you could do one of those windows that allows you to insert a catdoor within the context of the window? You can get them with a perch here; if not, you might be able to modify it yourself. So that Charlie can get to you, even in his upper age, leap into the window! and walk on your keyboard?

  2. What a lovely picture, I love the way his lips are parted and his eyes so clear and green, he’s a gorgeous cat

    • Thanks Dan. It is a nice day. Rare day! Just come back from a walk around Barnes Common, which looked great. Very green and lush. Charlie wants his dinner. He is talking to me as I type.

  3. Oh my! You have got to be proud of yourself, Michael. This is excellent. If only Charlie could see himself as you do, when you (maybe) show him the photo image. Thank you for sharing such a wonderfully detailed close-up, esp of his nose–I love it! [to help some of us amateur photographers, what were you using? 35mm format or 120? lens?] Looks like it was just right, whatever it was.

  4. Because the field is so short, I’m thinking that you were using a telephoto? wow. most likely you were using a digital, and I’m still in film mode. 😀

    • Yes, I used a slight telephoto focal length on a zoom lens so I could keep a bit of distance from him. And, yes, it does keep the depth of field short. The camera is a digital camera: Canon 7D. Excellent camera.

  5. Could we have an upside-down cat photo “contest?” I mean, of our cats lying on their backs in grass, shag carpet, silk, whatever they fancy? I would fancy that. It might motivate some of us to get off of our duffs, cats oustretched on our legs, and maybe we all would get some exercise. 😉 hmm-mm? sorry. “hmmMM?” my favorite expression to Shrimpie, who is lying on my legs right now…

  6. Okay, maybe three too many comments out of me. But, I just have to tell you this, Michael. I like scrolling down on this shot of “rightside up” Charlie, so that I can only see his nose–the bottom half of your jpeg above. His nose and mouth pointed down towards the sunny sky! I simply love it.

    • Pleased you like it. Just a snapshot really but the light was good and the grass was green and Charlie is always handsome. Although he is getting a bit old these days.

  7. And his cute little chin whiskers? what do you mean, that you had more detail than this originally? the length of field? You captured him, beautifully.

    • The original picture is huge, about 3 feet long if your printed it out full size, and you can’t present that on the internet. The camera I have creates super-high quality images. About 20 million pixels per image. Something like that. You can see every hair and blemish in the original.

      Charlie has small black whiskers which can be hard to see.

  8. What a wonderful photo! Charlie is so very handsome and just look at those beautiful trusting eyes, I’m sure Charlie loves you Michael as much as you love him.

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