Polydactyl Cat Record Holders

This is about polydactyl cat record holders. I know of three polydactyl cats, one of which is the world record holder. His name is Jake and he has 28 toes, 7 on each paw, a nice simple bit of maths. He lives in Ontario, Canada and is Guinness Book of Records certified. But what about some national champions? Well I am not sure. But I would have thought 26 toes would get a cat a national championship. And I don’t think a cat can have 27 toes because that would mean one paw having 6 toes and the other 3 having 7 toes and I think that there has to be a symmetry (i.e. the same number of toes on each of the back or each of the front paws). If I am wrong I’ll stand being corrected.

Some possible polydactyl cat record holders:

  • Wales (UK) – a male cat living in Swansea, Wales (don’t have the cat’s name). The people who live with him are Mr & Mrs Thomas. This boy cat, rescued by the Mr & Mrs Thomas when he was a baby has 26 toes, 14 up front and 12 at the rear. Is he the Welsh champion? Probably yes, but please leave a comment if you see this post and know the answer.
  • England (UK) – Coco another stray boy cat rescued from the streets of Dursley, Gloucestershire. He is another 26 toer; also with 7 on each paw up front and 6 on eaPolydactyl cat Tootsiech paw at the rear. He was picked up and cared for by Cats Protection a large cat charity in the UK and fostered. He has no doubt found a good home by now. He is a black cat too. Black cats are either good luck, bad luck or no difference, depending on your point of view. Is Coco the current English all comers champion?

A cat that I know that is polydactyl and living in the United States is Tootsie. He lives with Valley Girl (I call her VG) and she has a blog associated with this website which is about cats, videos and Tootsie is there too. See VG’s Blog here. Tootsie is in the picture on the right here>>>>>.

Polydactylism is not unusual. The most famous are the Hemingway cats (see American Polydactyl cat). They are not a cat breed, however, unless bred specifically in the same way other genetic defects have been bred to create a breed (e.g. American Curl). Although some might claim that they are. It is what is called a congenital deformity (present at birth) and is nearly always no problem health wise. There is a bad version of it that caused twisted joints as well as extra toes, but this is rare. The usual number of toes is 5 on each paw at the front and 4 on each on the hind legs. People can have more than five fingers or toes. Gary Sobers a famous West Indian cricketer has 6 fingers on one hand. He had the extra one removed.

Do U know any polydactyl cat record holders??

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