Quiz About Cats Protection

Chester Cats Protection rescued cat

Chester — a Cats Protection rescued cat. He was abused and is now saved.

A short multiple choice quiz on the famous cat charity, Cats Protection. They are a beautiful organisation run by thousands of volunteers across the United Kingdom. The purpose of this little quiz is to try and gently promote the organisation and raise awareness. The more people who are aware of their history and what they do, the better it is as it may encourage people to volunteer and donate.

If anyone wants to add or amend some questions, feel free to do so in a comment. If want to, you can tell me your score in a comment too! You get points whether you get the answer correct first time or not. You just get more points if you get the answer correct the first time.

Quiz About Cats Protection

As mentioned, the idea behind this multiple choice, friendly quiz is to gently promote Cats Protection. The more people know about the organisation, the more likely it will continue to expand and thus help cats to find new homes and recover if they have been abused before Cats Protection got involved. Please click the blue button to get started.
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Enjoy — you may learn something about Cats Protection at the same time. You might also like to visit their website.

There is a map on PoC showing cat and animal rescue organisations throughout the UK. Cats Protection is not on the map because it is made up of volunteer foster carers working from home. However, it may be of interest.

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Quiz About Cats Protection — 8 Comments

  1. Very good quiz Michael, I only got 89% as I got the numbers questions wrong first time.
    It’s good that we can learn more this way and your quiz will hopefully encourage people to visit the CP website too.

  2. I got 89% because I didn’t know they operate in Northern Ireland and I over estimated how many cats they have in their care at any one time. But now I know!

    Some questions that relate to neutering vouchers, health and welfare advice might be good to add too and encourage people to seek out those things from CP.

    I wish they’d advertise the neutering vouchers!

  3. I only got 61% but it was fun and the point is it promotes The Cats Protection league which is the point and a really great idea!

  4. Please take her quiz. Take your own. Just think for a moment what she has suffered. More than any one of us deserves 🙁

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