Snow Leopard Population

Date of article: 12-7-09: I will use two reliable sources for figures of the snow leopard population:

  • IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ (Red List) – these come from the Snow Leopard Survival Strategy and are estimates as 2003.
  • Wildcats of the World by Mel and Fiona Sunquist (WoW) – these figures come from various sources. This book was published in 2002.

We don’t know exact figures and the ones we have are probably out of date. This is because the range is big and the cat elusive. Funding is also probably hard to come by. Population is decreasing….

Snow leopard population is down

Red List Population Figures – 2003 – estimates

Note: The Red List defines population:

as the number of mature individuals, defined as “individuals known, estimated or inferred to be capable of reproduction.”

Location Population
Afghanistan 100-200?
Bhutan 100-200?
China 2,000-2,500
India 200-600
Kazakhstan 180-200
Kyrgyzstan 150-500
Mongolia 500-1,000
Nepal 300-500
Pakistan 200-420
Russia 150-200
Tajikistan 180-220
Uzbekistan 20-50

The snow leopard population is thought to have declined by about 20% over the past 16 years because of habitat and prey base loss, poaching and persecution (Red List)

WoW Population Figures – 2002 – estimates

Location Population
Worldwide 4,500 – 7,500
China 2,000
Ladakh (Kashmir) (1986) Less than 200
Nepal 350 – 500
Kyrgyzstan (1988) 600
Mongolia (1990) 1,000

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