The Roaring Maine Coon Sphinx

This is a great photo of Maine Coon, Tootsie, by her human companion, Valley Girl (VG) who lives in the United States. Tootsie is actually yawning but the Egyptian Sphinx position is very real and super attractive. It is a near perfect copy of the real thing with the extra long forelegs. The roar is an added extra. This is an exotic variation on the catloaf.


If you could see her paws you’d notice that they were polydactyl. Tootsie is a rare breed of cat: a true Maine Coon rescue cat. If you click on the picture you’ll be taken to VG’s Flickr page.

Tootsie is actually quite famous. You can read a bit more about her on this page.

Here is a picture of the Sphinx for comparison:


Sphinx. Photo by pyramidtextsonline

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  1. Thanks Michael. Tootsie’s the only cat I’ve had that stretches out like this!

    Also it seems to me that she is a very “long” cat — you’ve been to plenty of cat shows- is this usual for Maine coons?

    • She is a very special cat. Very Maine Coon (typey), polydactyl and a lovely smokey coat. You’re a lucky lady and she is a lucky cat to have you.

      • Smoke gene is from sire- “Smoke Signal”. I assume you are referring to gene. Her fur does seem to have that “smoke” effect. Almost white at roots, though not obvious unless the fur is brushed “against the grain” so to say.

    • You can see that there is not much fat on her. Slender and sexy 😉 The Maine Coons I have handled have felt quite boney, meaning fit and not overweight. She goes out quite a lot doesn’t she? This seems to keep her in nice condition. She is not one of the obese cats of America of which there are millions we are told (40% of all domestic cat in USA are meant to be overweight).

      That looks like a particularly nice little spot where she has settled down. Grassy and protected.

      • Michael, yes, she goes out, but mostly on the patio. That spot is on the patio. She climbs around on the rocks and such, but does her share of lounging also! But, she can run! Inside or out- inside with the cat crazies. Also, she is not friendly to humans (except me), and gallops inside when one is in the area. Good.

        When I got her from the shelter vet told me she weighed just over 5 lbs, and needed to put on some weight! I don’t think she’d been eating well. Last time I had her weighed she was coming up on 7 lbs, which seems about right to me. When I look back at the first pix I took of her, compared to now, I can see how her face has filled out.

        I think she also keeps flexible and fit by doing a lot of “cat yoga”!

    • I had a mainecoon cat,he would lay in a very loyal position with his front legs and paws streched out and his head held up high.he had a beautifull mane,like he knew how handsome he was.he lived to the age of 15.his brother who is still alive and well does not have the same proud pose but i would say mainecoons do have that same royal,proud looking pose.

    • Thanks! I mean Tootsie thanks you. But, not that I’m biased or anything lol) I do think she’s a beauty. I saw her at the shelter “showing” and thought “oh, beauty cat, how can I leave you here?” Not that I hadn’t already made up my mind!

  2. The original Maine Coons that lived in the forests of Maine, USA were often polydactyl. It’s assumed the natural adaption occurred due to the many months of deep snow Maine Coons were forced to live through each winter. There are many, myself included, that treasure Poly-Coons. The true American Cat!

    Valley Girl: Tootsie is gorgeous. I sent you an invite to my Really HUGE Cats/Really CUTE Kittens and Cubs group on Flickr. Would love to see more pictures of her and those feet too! No biggie if you don’t want to join. I just really love Maine Coons and want other group members to see her.
    Thanks Michael.

    • The true American Cat!

      Yes, Americans should be proud of the their Maine Coon. It is the American domestic cat par excellence. Big, bold and handsome. Sort of describes America 😉 On my reckoning from a long running poll on PoC they are the world’s most popular cat breed and you can see why. If I was buying a purebred cat, which is unlikely, but possible, I’d buy a Maine Coon just like Tootsie.

        • Hi Dan,

          I have mixed feelings about purebred Maine coons, now that I know more about breeding and health problems (which I didn’t know when I adopted Tootsie). Only had moggies before.

          I’ve learned since, what with flickr friends losing their Maine coons at a very early age, due to HCM or hip dysplasia, both apparently fairly common.

          I hope that b/c Tootsie is a poly she is a bit more “outbred” than most Maine coons.

          Yes, they have fascinating personalities, and are beautiful cats. But…. moggies may be more healthy.

          Maybe Michael can speak more to this- there is no specific “Maine coon” rescue place where I am. I know from looking on petfinder that a lot of cats are described as “Maine coons”, but are more like domestic long-haired cats, b/c their parentage is not known. I don’t know about how designated “Maine coon rescue” places treat this issue. I happen to like long-haired cats, and just got fascinated by Maine coons… it was a one in a gazillion chance that I found a purebred Maine coon on petfinder. And, I think I got very lucky with Tootsie. Unlikely that I will get another cat. But, unlikely also that I would get a Maine coon from a breeder. Health issues, among others.

          I’d be more likely to adopt a “sorta” Maine coon from a rescue place, given that I had a sense that the cat and I would be a good match. The petfinder ad for Tootsie was not very inviting, at least not for most people. I think that’s why no one else had shown any interest in her for months. “Shy cat, not friendly, doesn’t like men, needs patient person, etc. etc.” Not your typical picture of a Maine coon, nor of the Maine coon personality as generally portrayed. I have no idea if these traits were inborn to Tootsie, or if for whatever reason she became a very scared cat.

          But oddly enough “needs patient person” convinced me that we would be a match. I am pretty good with cats, so I though “okay, I can do that”! Or just some weird sixth sense in operation.

          Okay, sorry is a bit disconnected, but I hope it makes some sense!


    • shohom67- the only thing that stops me from joining is that Tootsie, although a Maine coon, is small by Maine coon standards! She really isn’t a HUGE cat!

      • Valley Girl: No problem on not joining my Flickr group and thanks for sharing her picture for my friends to see. She is very small for a Maine Coon, but a great example of the breed. I love her markings. Very cool kitty.

      • That is quite a nice point because most people consider the MC to be a very large domestic cat. Some are large but people tend to exaggerate. It is a bit like people seeing a tabby cat at a distance and believing they have seen a cougar or something. Human nature.

        A lot of MCs are more or less standard size, certainly the females.

    • TY! “Tootsie” is the name she came with, and I decided not to change it. (Not her official cattery name, tho.)

        • I will leave out the cattery name, b/c I don’t want them to seem responsible for Tootsie ending up as a rescue cat. There are layers to any story involving cat breeders- Tootsie went from original cattery, to another breeder/ cattery, to private home, and then to rescue.

          Anyway, she is “xxxxxx (cattery name) Thumbs Up”. But I like “Tootsie” a lot better!

    • Shohom67- Not sure I was aware of the poly tradition for Maine coons when I adopted Tootsie, but I certainly am now! Long story as to how she ended up in rescue, and how I managed to trace her back to her cattery of origin, but at least at the time, cattery was breeding some polys to keep the tradition going. She’s very adept at picking things up, straws being one of her favorites.

  3. What a beautiful photo and cat. I love Tootsie and I love her name too. Just wonderful. I bet she is a special cat to spend time with. She looks very calm and happy and comfortable – well done Valley Girl – I’d just love to give Tootsie a big hug – what a sweety. 🙂 🙂

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