Bistro: A Remote Cat Feeder Linked to Smartphone

This is another remote cat feeder. They are all the rage it seems to me. I recently wrote about another model. As usual it can controlled by a smart phone or the cat owner can monitor what is going at home while she is away. The identified weakness is that it obviously depends on dry cat food. Nowadays the general consensus is that a full-time dry cat food diet is unwise and not the best to promote cat health. Perhaps it could be used in conjunction with manually provided wet cat food when the owner comes home. Dry cat food should be handled with more care than people think.

Bistro smart cat feeder

Bistro smart cat feeder. Screenshots from video.

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Bistro: A Remote Cat Feeder Linked to Smartphone — 10 Comments

  1. Now, how about a giant version for folks like Dee. Just wake up, push ‘go’ on the smart phone, and 50 lbs of kibble drops from the sky. You can monitor how many raccoon you are feeding at the same time. But honestly, I love this idea. Thank goodness I can personally feed my cats.

    • These sorts of devices are certainly getting more sophisticated and I like this device too because it would allow me to go away for a night while still keeping an eye on Charlie and feeding him. I’m tempted to get one actually but not sure if this one is available in Europe. In fact I think this is not yet on the market. It may be at the stage where it requires funding to go into mass production.

  2. This is quite genius.
    It beats the heck out of throwing a huge bag of kibble on the floor and slicing it open.

    • LOL. It is a bit more sophisticated but I wonder if it encourages people to be neglectful of their cat caretaking. The best cat caretakers are like Ruth and you. You are around so you don’t need a device.

  3. Not sure about this, but I’m just a techno dinosaur and wold worry the technology went wrong as it sometimes does, I’m just thankful that I’m around most of the time with our cats so we don’t need anything like this.

  4. Well, that’s just causing LAZINESS i believe. Its probably good for those who are Busy with Jobs etc. Also your not having special time with your Cat.

  5. No, too technical for the likes of me plus I don’t know if cats would like having to put their heads into the plastic booth to eat and drink, I can’t see our boys using it. It’s sad also that people can even opt out of feeding their cats personally, cats need human interaction if they live with us, I would hate to think someone would go off on holiday or something and leave their cat with only this for feeding.

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