Black Chausie Cat

Black Chausie Cat – Here are a series of photographs of a Chausie cat called “Shekinah” from the Tammy Isaac’s Willowind Cattery in South Texas. The photographs are ©copyright Helmi Flick. Please respect copyright.

Black Chausie Black Chausie
Black Chausie

All three photographs of the black Chausie are ©copyright Helmi Flick – please respect it.

Melanistic Black Jungle Cat
Melanistic Jungle Cat – Photo by Joachim S. Müller
published under a creative commons license.

The gene (grizzle gene) that creates the silver tipped black melanistic Chausie cat is yet to be indentified, as far as I am aware. I cannot find reference to it in Robinson’s Genetics for Cat Breeders and Veterinarians. The Chausie is a wildcat hybrid. The silver tipped coat is therefore, quite possibly, a combination of the ticked coat inherited from the Abyssinian (the domestic cat half of this wildcat hybrid) and the Melanistic Jungle Cat (see above), the wildcat half.

The Abyssinian cat has a ticked tabby pattern, a restricted form of the classic tabby coat. Black is a solid color caused by the non-agouti gene. Tammy Issac talks about this very interesting coat.

From Black Chausie Cat to Chausie Cat Breeders (Ken and Helmi Flick’s experiences on living with an F1 Chausie).



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  1. I lost my 5 year old f3 on Sunday . I fear someone stole him . He answers by the name Mr claw