Cat rape: What REALLY happens when you refuse to spay your cat

This article isn’t aimed toward those who rescue a pregnant cat. It’s for those who refuse to have their cats spayed or neutered, especially those who want their female cat to experience the miracle of kittens being born. Many cat owners think it necessary to allow their cat to have one litter before being spayed just so the cat can experience being a mother.

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Here’s what REALLY happens when you refuse to spay your cat. A female cat reaches sexual maturity anywhere from around five months to one year and can become pregnant. An unneutered male cat can pick up the scent of a female in “heat” or estrus cycle from up to a mile away.

Once every unneutered male within that radius picks up the scent, the male cats head off to find the female, where she is repeatedly chased then raped by every tomcat who can catch her and pin her down. Repeatedly. For DAYS!

Don’t count yourself lucky if you only have an unneutered male cat. Tomcats are known for getting into vicious fights with competing males, making them susceptible to injuries as well as FIV/FeLV.

Female cats are seasonally polyestrous, meaning they go into heat every two to three weeks, usually between mid-January through August. After delivering a litter of kittens a female will go back into heat within weeks. It’s not unheard of for a female cat to be nursing one litter when she becomes pregnant with another.

This “miracle of birth” later leads to the litters (and sometimes the mama cat) being dumped at the shelter when the family decides the cats/kittens aren’t so cute anymore. These cats are called “owner surrenders” and aren’t subject to state hold time as strays are. The shelter already knows who the owner is, meaning they can kill the family at any time.

Many of these cats and kittens are euthanized for space or the kittens get sick in the shelter environment and die on their own or are euthanized. So please consider the problems you’re creating for everyone involved when you’re considering the decision not to spay or neuter your cat.

Communities usually have low-cost spay/neuter clinics. You may have to ask around to locate one near you but it’s well worth it. Your cat will have a healthier life and you can thank yourself for being part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

Anything I missed? Please leave it in the comment section. This is an excellent article if you’d like more information about what happens during estrus.

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Cat rape: What REALLY happens when you refuse to spay your cat — 21 Comments

  1. Someone calling himself “Learn about Biology” has a comment in moderation. I won’t post it because it would give him free reign for a lot of nonsense but I will post what he wrote, just to be fair.

    “Really people need to stop anthropomorphizing animals. Male cats do not “rape” female cats. Also the barbs evolved to help make sure the female actually ovulates making the eggs available for fertilization at the optimal time when fresh viable sperm is present. This ensures the preservation of the species. Obviously this evolutionary strategy has been successful judging from the abundance of cats.”

      • It may be asinine but it worked. I didn’t come up with the term ‘cat rape’ on my own. Someone commented on an article awhile back and said there was nothing sweet about cats mating, that the female was repeatedly raped by every male in the area. That’s pretty much what happened.

        • It may have worked, but your credibility as a learned and educated person has been compromised.

          Next I suggest you begin a campaign to eradicate Dihydrogen Monoxide. I hear that stuff is a real killer.

          • I’ve watched female feral cats being chased relentlessly while in heat before the colony was TNR’d. I write about what I’ve seen. I write about experiences others tell me about. There are many others who agree with what I’ve written here.

            When you’ve published more than 7000 articles on individual shelter cats in need of homes or rescues in need of funds for a medical case cat, THEN you can judge me. Until then I don’t give a shit what you think of me Terr.

            • Any self-serving troll on a keyboard can publish that many bloggers’ articles in a year or two. It doesn’t make any of them correct or right.

              “If even 7 billion people are saying and doing a foolish thing, it remains a foolish thing.”

              Your self-promotion numbers mean absolutely nothing. And, in fact, if that’s the only proof of your “credibility” it only proves that you know and are nothing and have no credibility.

    • Thank you for not printing that comment from someone who is ignorant to all the cats killed daily at shelters because of never ending kittens.
      Thank you for the great article, I believe it may catch the eye of some who normally ignore articles of spay neuter benefits. Keep up your great work.

      • FeralFriend, would you consider what a female cat in heat goes through as rape? I’d never thought of it in those terms until someone commented on an article I’d done and said it was rape.

        • The female cat may or may not want the first male to take her, but surely all the rest are definitely rapes. No female in her right mind WANTS to have any barbs ripping that tender area; especially not multiple times a day/night.

          • Anyone who disagrees with your comment should ask to go along on a feral feeding where the caregiver is still in the process of getting the adult females spayed. It’s not a pleasant experience spending hours keeping 5+ male cats away from a female in heat. It doesn’t take long watching this until you’ll consider it rape.

            This article was never meant to offend victims of rape. The word is also a verb and in any form it’s an ugly word.

            I chose to use it in the title to discourage cat owners from wanting their cat to experience the miracle of birth before having the cat spayed.

  2. They can be hit by cars in their pursuit of females, become lost, get attacked by people or dogs. It not not kind to not neuter your cat. An unneutered cat is also much more likely to spray urine and their urine has a stronger stink when they are not neutered. If your cat could talk, he would say, please get me neutered so I will be healthier and live longer. Thanks Elisa👍🏽

  3. Not to forget that not neutered Tom Cats cause cat fights and healthy & innocent other male or female cats can get attack in those bloody cat fights and they can get infected with Fiv or Felv.
    Once tame cats are rescued from the streets and then get tested positive for FIV or Felv, many rescue groups don’t want them and often those poor cats get euthanized! Especially Felv positive cats get euthanized.
    So Spay & Neuter to avoid overpopulation and to avoid bloody cat fights and to avoid cats fighting over living space & food.
    Spayed and Neutered cats live more peaceful together!
    And very important: many people hate cats because un- spayed & un-nutered cats meow at night when in heat or starting up cat fights and therefore feral cats get killed (poisioned, trapped and dumped at kill shelters) because people want them gone!
    Very sad! And not to forget the endless amounts of kittens born unwanted into the world with no future!
    We have to spay & neuter to get a grip of cat overpopulation!

  4. I have had cats before and allowed them to have kittens. They did get neutered at later date. I would class it as rape as this is natural for most animals.

    I do believe that animals lovers shd think clearly before giving pets as gifts to there children. As most kids get bored after a while. I also think if u r on low income and do not have time or patient then maybe u should neuter u cat from early.

    • Thanks Dawn. It is certainly essential I am afraid to spay and neuter cats nowadays. And it must be done as early as possible consist with good veterinary practice.

  5. I just had my 2 gorgeous tom cats neutered and chipped, best thing i have ever done, now they are mostly stay at home, loving gentle cats, brothers by the way, instead of the dirty stop outs, “raping”and hunting down females and attacking each other with intent to mate.

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