Cat With Human Hands Divides the Internet

An Exotic Shorthair cat given human hands has divided the internet. Some find it cute. Some find it disturbing but most are unsure. I find them interesting.

Cat With Human Hands Divides the Internet

cat with human hands. Disturbing or not?

It’s a clever idea but I am not sure of the purpose behind it. Perhaps there is no purpose other than to create an interesting image. I know what I’d do with the photos though. I’d use them to highlight the barbaric nature of the declaw operation (I’d photoshop them to remove the tips of the fingers). But that’s a pet hate of mine.

Cat with human hands

Some people find the images terrifying. I wonder why. It must be the slightly creepy nature of the photos. It is as if someone has created some sort of Frankenstein monster in the laboratory. What do you think?

Cat with human hands

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Cat With Human Hands Divides the Internet — 7 Comments

  1. It’s a bit creepy until you look closely. They are just doll hands placed in front of the cat’s natural paws. I suppose the group is trying to provoke deep thought.

  2. Michael, I like your idea of photo shopping these fingers to demonstrate declawing, with bleeding finger ends. Graphic images have a huge impact, even though we may not be aware of it at the time.

    It’s an opportunity to stand up for an issue you feel strongly about.

    The image of the cat with hands doesn’t disturb me, because it’s an imaginary work of art/photography. What’s more disturbing to me is the true suffering that so many cats endure at the “hands” of humans.

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