Student at Top Agricultural College Allegedly killed Lecturer’s cat and Completed his Course

Student at Agricultural College Allegedly Killed Lecturer's Cat and Continued with Course

It is alleged that a 2nd year student at a top agricultural college killed a lecturer’s cat and was allowed to complete his college course. A photo of the student and cat were published on social media as evidence. This killing was part of a macabre game of who could kill the biggest animal. please continue reading

The Psychopathic Kitten Killer And His Delusional Girlfriend

Barker and Castle

This 26-year-old man is a sadistic psychopath who likes to torture and kill animals while his girlfriend is delusional in that she stood by him when he was found guilty of brutally killing two 4-month-old kittens in her care and both of the kittens had been adopted from a cat rescue organisation, Cats Protection, only 10 weeks prior to their death. please continue reading