NC kitten rescue: This procedure was used to successfully ‘thaw out’ frostbitten stray kitty

This is the story of Nativity Grace, a kitten abandoned in a store parking lot in 10-degree Fahrenheit temperature. I realize this is a long article, but PLEASE take the time to read how Marleen Jenkins and Janelle Scere handled … please continue reading

Tender story of love restores badly burned feral kitten to health and happiness

TLC restored this badly burnt kitten to health and happiness

The ‘before’ photos are hard to look at, I admit, but the story is very positive and ending very good. It is a good cat story despite the tragedy of being badly injured by a fire. What comes across is the loving care given by Luka who restored the kitten to health and happiness and the tenacity of the kitten to survive. please continue reading

Cat rescued by firefighters was euthanized because he had FIV

Rescued cat had FIV and was put down

Firefighters went to considerable effort to save the life of a cat who had fallen into a canal and was stuck. The RSPCA took charge after the successful rescue. They determined that as the cat had FIV he was not fit for returning to where he was found or rehoming. The cat seems to have been domesticated. They made a poor judgement in my view. please continue reading

North Carolina’s The Goathouse Refuge for cats survived a gun range but can it survive?

Siglinda with Dusty, an 18y old neglect case survivor

This post about a cat refuge in North Carolina surviving against the odds is headed with a fine photograph of two beautiful beings: the refuge’s owner – such a sweet lady – and one of her cats; an elderly 18-year-old called Dusty. Both have sweet expressions. Such tenderness and love. It leaps from the page. please continue reading

Georgia Department of Agriculture closes case against Effingham County Animal Shelter after accusations labeled ‘unfounded’

The Georgia Department of Agriculture performed a surprise inspection December 11 at Effingham County Animal Shelter, located in Springfield, Georgia after receiving several complaints. The case is now closed after being labeled ‘unfounded.’ Comments are encouraged by those who are … please continue reading