A sad reminder to use extreme caution when rescuing an injured cat

Emily a girl who died trying to save a cat in the road

Unfortunately, this article is a sad reminder to use extreme caution in rescuing an injured cat. An 18-year-old young lady with her whole life ahead of her was killed the night of February 25 in California’s Apple Valley. Friends say Emily … please continue reading

Maryland, USA: Slack Approach to Regulating Cat Rescue Leads to Chaotic Situation

Michelle Ingrodi

If you want to start a cat rescue shelter in Maryland, USA, there is no evaluation process. You simply fill in a form. No one checks your history and whether you have a track record in the cat rescue business … please continue reading

14-year-old risked his life to save cat thrown from a van onto a busy overpass

Boy rescued cat

This is the story of a cat who was the victim of animal cruelty and the young man who risked his life to save the feline in distress. 14-year-old Gavin Orlowski was riding in the car on I-196 in Grand … please continue reading