What facial expressions does your cat make?

Because cats have fur, which is a barrier to effective communication through subtle facial expressions, they have developed excellent substitutes in scent recognition and sophisticated body language alternatives. That is my opinion. What do you think? I have been wracking … please continue reading

Do cats like certain people because of their body scent?

Whether a cat likes or dislikes a person is partly based on the person’s scent (body odour). I have had this idea for some time. I have no science to back it up because there is none. We know how … please continue reading

From Cat Hiss To Purr. From Defensive to Relaxed

“Rehabilitating” an aggressively defensive, hissy cat is common sense. All of us, who love cats, automatically know how to do it. You just love him or her, treat him gently and provide a calm and quiet home plus some good … please continue reading