Class action lawsuit. “Prescription” cat food overpriced and not a prescription

Hill's Prescription and Iams Veterinary Formula

Dr Judy Morgan reports that a class action lawsuit has been filed in the District Court in northern California against some big pet food manufacturers including Hill’s and Mars. It seems that pet food consumers are fed up with (a) … please continue reading

Arginine Is Critically Important For Cats

Arginine Is Critically Important For Cats. Arginine is an amino acid. Amino acids are critical to life, and have many functions in metabolism. One important function is that they are the building blocks of proteins – linear chains of amino … please continue reading

Employees at Mars Petcare kibble manufacturing facility claim they were exposed to pesticides on pet food ingredients

This is an extraordinary story but perhaps not that surprising knowing as we do the shenanigans of big business. A group of employees at a Mars Petcare kibble manufacturing facility are suing the company in negligence because they claim that … please continue reading

Arrogant companion animal Ph.D. nutritionists criticised by pet food consumer expert Susan Thixton

Susan Thixton is one of the world’s best and most knowledgeable pet food consumer advocates. She really does understand the quality problems that we have with pet food of which many consumers are unaware. Susan is a champion of all … please continue reading