Thanks to the excellent volunteers who run Facebook shelter pages, forever homes are found in the U.S. and ‘abroad’

Columbus County Animal Control (CCAC) shelter dogs and cats are being adopted VERY far from the facility, with one dog on his way to Italy. Yes-ITALY! As in across the ocean! This rural shelter in Whiteville, North Carolina has made … please continue reading

Secret Life of Loved and Now Deceased Cat Revealed in Note from Neighbor

Teddy and Bear

Bear was a handsome classic tabby cat. His brother was Teddy. They look very alike and were inseparable. They liked to explore the neighbourhood together. Bear died last month and his owners were heartbroken. Teddy carried on exploring. One day … please continue reading

Daddy cat shown happily helping mother cat raise their little family

Daddy cat and family

This is the story of a cat daddy in Vietnam who took his role as a parent seriously. Now he’s helping mama cat raise the litter he’s responsible for and his story is quickly going viral on social media since … please continue reading

Time to celebrate: Columbus County, NC gas chamber is being dismantled and destroyed

A reminder of old policies that meant a horrible as well as frightening death to the unwanted shelter pets will soon be gone at Columbus County Animal Control, located in Whiteville, North Carolina. One goal of this rural facility is … please continue reading

Shop teacher in NC teaches his students to build dog houses and feral cat homes

While this story is a bit old, I feel there’s never a bad time to share a happy ending, especially when it involves young people helping animals. It’s a story about an ingenious shop teacher who taught his students a … please continue reading

The happy ending story of an earless deaf cat and a woman who suffers from severe anxiety

This is the happy ending story about a 9-year-old white cat named Otitis and a woman named Molly who suffers from severe anxiety who saved his life. Otitis is an earless white cat belonging to Molly Lichtenwalner. Molly found him … please continue reading

News media personalities play with cats and dogs to promote local adoption

This story is a positive one involving local news media personalities and their efforts to get shelter pets adopted. I’m not sure whether this is a local thing or whether news stations across the country participate, but it’s good exposure, … please continue reading

Cat dumped in London may be the oldest cat in the country at 27 years old

This happy ending story comes out of the RSPCA’s Southall cattery in west London, where a cat named Banjo was dumped earlier this month. Beautiful Banjo is currently waiting to go to his forever home at the end of the month, … please continue reading