Canadian cat rescue shelter rejects people who insist on declawing their cat

As a person who detests the declawing of cats I am very pleased to see that the Regina Cat Rescue, Saskatchewan, Canada has decided to refuse adoptions by clients who insist on declawing their cat. For me, this is a … please continue reading

Declawed cats are seven times more likely to pee in inappropriate places

Declawed cats are seven times more likely to pee in inappropriate places

Having read and thought about the title to this article, are you really sure that you want to declaw your cat? If you have doubts then please read on and see what other consequences there are to this controversial and … please continue reading

I’m in shock after a New York cat ‘rescuer’ promotes declawing on social media

While doing my nightly routine of “sleep-surfing” the internet, I recently came across a post on Facebook from a “friend” that I thought would interest (and most likely anger) the readers here. This friend is a big promoter of declawing … please continue reading

Facebook ‘flagged’ 2 posts against declawing in my anti-declawing group

Declawing post

On April 10, I was sent a message via Facebook about a “flagged” post needing my approval in my closed declawing group. I thought a member of the group had reported the post as ‘spam.’ I may be wrong. It … please continue reading

New Jersey veterinarians try and con cat owners into believing declawing saves lives

New Jersey veterinarians are terrified about losing their declawing business (a substantial bread and butter income). There is a distinct possibility that the law makers of the state will ban declawing statewide. New York state is also debating the same … please continue reading