Teenage girl drove over neighbor’s cat but her mother wants the cat’s owner to comfort her daughter

In an anonymous question to an agony aunt online, a cat owner asked what she should do after her neighbor’s daughter drove over her cat companion and extraordinarily the daughter’s mother was pestering her to comfort her daughter because she … please continue reading

British Nobility Bungle Captive Lion Management

Viscount Weymouth, the 39-year-old son of the Marquess of Bath, had decided on a lion breeding program at the famous Longleat Safari Park that would ensure that there were always lion cubs at the park. Visitors love the cubs. People … please continue reading

Feral Cat Protection

By Dee This is from the heart and not the brain… Introduction from Michael: I asked Dee to tell people how she helps to protect feral cats when they are being fed and TNR’d. I asked because we know there … please continue reading

Mississippi – a homeowner can kill a stray cat entering their home or land

In Mississippi a homeowner can kill a stray cat entering their home or land. There is a sloppy piece of drafting in Mississippi’s cruelty to animals legislation, which allows a person to legally kill a cat that might enter a … please continue reading

Cat defends himself and is put down to test for rabies

This is madness. It makes me mad. This woman apparently took in this stray cat, a tabby and white. She called him “Buddy”. She decided that Buddy wanted to attack her dog so she kicked snow at the cat – … please continue reading