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This is an archive and of historical interest! Except for the videos which are still live. Some of the people mentioned will still be going too (at Aug 2012).

People want to download funny cat videos. But I don’t think they actually want to download a video from another site and deposit that video on to their computer. There is no point is that unless you want to manipulate the video and make it your own, which would breach copyright perhaps and if not why bother (to get some hits I guess). There are sites that provide software that allows people to download videos. For me, the classic “download” is in fact a “feed” from one site to your computer. And yes, the backgrounds to this page are totally funky again for two reasons (a) I like them and (b) they are in tune with the videos.

Here is a compilation on one video player of a selection of some of the best download funny cat videos by some talented video makers. I update it from time to time. There are currently (at March 2010) 26 videos on this player. Just click the arrows, bottom right, of the player to see the selection. Is it fair to say that at March 2010 the funny cat video is on the wane in terms of popularity? Not sure. One last point. Some funny cat videos are exploiting the cat. Sorry but its true.

We’ve definitely moved on from the crazy cat movie. The videos that you see on this player are selected in sequence by YouTube and should be exlusively about cats. If you want to see some more comedy and cats combined – click here.

The following YouTube partners produce cat videos amongst other videos (as at mid 2008 – things always change).

ultrakawaii – this person  makes videos that are so cute it hurts. This is about pink and cute and more cute, lets drown in a sea of cuteness and pinkness….Of course kittens and cats can be devastatingly cute and that is why she (I’m am sure this person is a “she”) makes download funny cat videos.

JamieNov81 – this guy is a person after my heart. He is a dreamer and he makes videos all the time. Wow. But I guess you have to if you’re going to stay on top in the competitive world of YouTube partnership. I’ve given a link so true cat and animal lovers can go direct to his YouTube home page and leave a message. He makes vidoes of animals only it seems and doesn’t do stand up comedy + animals as a lot do these days.

PhotoAnimationGuy – has anyone heard of the the PhotoAnimationGuy? You should as he makes totally novel videos of animals including of course cats in which the cats have been digitally maipulated. It’s kind of video Photoshop. He’s popular enough as he has over 3.5k subscribers and 126k channel views (this means his home page on YouTube has been viewed that many times). All this since July 2007.

UnificationNow – this a  kind of self-help self improvement video making couple (they may be an item). Amanda one half of this duo is an Intuitive Psychic and Tarot Reader and has her own website and the man of the duo is Chris who is in a similar area of self improvement it seems to me. Not sure where the cats come in but, hey, lets play the video player and see.

Catlolvideo – He’s from England and has not made thousands of videos but they are all about cats and he has a website too. Well there you go. His work looks decidedly British having watched the American stuff.

That’s it. There are more great video makers but this is just a sample. Lets download funny cat videos some more.

Why not see my serious YouTube Channel? I am broadsurf and I am a partner of YouTube and the vids are kinda serious but not totally. Click this to go to broadsurf: Broadsurf’s Channel. You can see the tallest and most glamorous domestic cat on the planet on this channel – true. Her name is MAGIC.

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