Dwelf Kittens

Dwelf Kittens

by Nancy Raber
(Lecrislin Cattery, near Chicago, IL, USA.)

Two Dwelf kittens from Nancy Raber of Lecrislin Cattery

Two Dwelf kittens from Nancy Raber of Lecrislin Cattery

Noticed you didn't have a picture of this breed, here's one for you.

Nancy Raber

Hi Nancy.... thank you very much indeed for taking the time to provide this site with some Dwelf pictures from you cattery:

Lecrislin Cattery - Located near Chicago, IL

I had used a drawing that was well circulated and had not looked for a while. I will add this picture to the relevant pages on this site.

It is really nice to see some Dwelf kittens and they are really cute.

For visitors who have had not heard of the Dwelf cat breed they are in your succinct words, "short naked cats with curled ears".

You can read a bit more about this rare breed on this page: Dwelf cat


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