Essays On Cats

Essay on cats

This an expanding list of links to essays on cats for students and kids on this website. All are printable using the grey print button on the left hand side of the website. I have simply listed the subject matter in alphabetical order.


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About Domestic Cats

Domestic Cat for Kids


Cats in Hindi

Cats in Punjabi

Cats in Urdu

Cat Ownership

Cats as Best Friends

Cats as Pets 1

Cats as Pets 2

Pets as Family Members

Cat vs Dog


Declawing (PDF file)

Persian (printable PDF file)

Scottish Fold

“Murdering” Birds

About Feral Cats

Feral Cats

About Wild Cats




Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Conservation in Hindi

Essay on tiger for class 1

Essay on tiger for class 4

Essay on the tiger in Chinese

About Ancillary Matters

Essay on why animals should not be kept in zoos

Essay on Stray Animals

Using animals for medical research

Cats and Women

Stray Animals

Essay on Animal Testing for Kids

Why hunting is bad (for kids)

On why it is wrong to kill animals for their fur

Facebook Discussion


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