LaPerm Cat in London (photo)

The LaPerm is a relatively rare breed of a cat. It is an American creation. I would have thought they are rare in England but one lives about 80 yards from me! She is a slender beige coloured cat. The main feature is the crinkly ‘permed” coat. I thought I’d publish this rather poor snapshot (the cat is slightly out of focus) which I took a couple of days ago. I’ll probably have a chance to get a better photo in the future.

The LaPerm is not confined to beige! There is a full page for adults and kids on this cat breed on PoC.

LaPerm cat in London

LaPerm cat in London

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LaPerm Cat in London (photo) — 12 Comments

  1. What a strange looking cat, her head looks quite small in comparison to her body. But she is beautiful of course as all cats are.

    • Grooming probably has to be done with a lot of care. The fur in real life looks quite delicate. She stands out here; quite noticeable to me but I am not a normal person 😉

  2. A very unusual and pretty cat, I would love to feel the fur to tell if it is soft or wiry and I wonder what it’s like to comb, is it like combing tangled hair I wonder. It’s like a Bedlington Terrier of the cat world!

    • I’d like to touch her too Babz. She has not allowed me to yet. I image it is fine hair and soft. It certainly looks it in real life. She travels fast and goes a long way into the woods nearby. Personally I’d be concerned because someone could steal her. She is rare, probably very rare in the UK.

      • Yes there’s always the fear someone will take her. If you get to stroke her let us know what her fur is like. In a way I hope she doesn’t let you then we will know she won’t let bad people near her either.

        • Good point. She is very cautious with people. Good thing. She seems quite wild in fact although she is completely domesticated. She may not be spayed because the “owner” has another cat (a tortoiseshell) who is not spayed and who fell pregnant to a tomcat who rules the roost around here.

          • Oh no! Irresponsible “owners” in London as well s the North East, why do people not only not get their cats spayed but then let them wander around meeting up with toms. Poor little soul, I wonder what her babies would look like, they could be fuzzywuzzy gingers or tabbies.

    • I published it with you in mind Dan! I know you like the cat breeds etc. I agree, she is a strange looking cat. Very lightweight and tubular body. Small head and she has this furtive look as she moves rapidly through the undergrowth. Her coat is very distinctly LaPerm (a Rex-type coat). Other rex cats are for example the Cornish Rex and Devon Rex.

  3. Beautiful cat. Kind of. Maybe.

    p.s. Jo, are you there? Finally responded to your comment on ‘Manufacturers of Grainless Cat Food Continue to Add Carbohydrates, etc.’– your article that vanished into the catacombs…

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