by Megan

Cassidy in Color

Cassidy in Color

This is Cassidy in color. In my story she is a kitten but I have not mastered the art of drawing kittens so this is her as a queen. And if you want to know; Bomba is her mum and Butch is her dad.

Admin: Hi looches. Nice to hear from you again. And thanks for Cassidy. Hope you are OK.

Update: Here is Megan's Butch:

Cats the Musical Fanart

Update: 24th Jan 2010:

back again, this time its jacob brent as misto, and again i hope you like!

Misto cats the musical fanar

Hi Megan... thanks for another bit of fanart. I think you are better. I think I am getting better too as I made the drawing a bit clearer, I think. I hope you agree.

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