Mineral Oil Cured Cat Constipation

by Denise Casey

After spending $600 (USD) to treat my 20 year old cat’s major constipation, I finally gave her small doses of mineral oil mixed up with her wet food.

After one day, the problem was solved.

You must be careful with the dosage. Don’t think too much is great.

Just start a little bit at a time. One half teaspoon or tea spoon will work.

Lactolose did not work for my cat. I was at the end of the rope. This home remedy saved my cats life.

Denise Casey

Hi Denise… Thanks for sharing your experience.

Lactulose Solution is a human constipation relief medication for people who haven’t heard of it. It is USA/Canada based.

I presume that you used a mineral oil that is similar to the one below (for human constipation relief):

Note: Seek veterinarian advice when appropriate.

See this article too: Home Treatment for Cat Constipation

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Mineral Oil Cured Cat Constipation to Cat Health Problems


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