Fashion retailers in Britain launch investigation into real fur being used in faux fur products

Fashion retailers in Britain have launched an investigation into their products after products advertised as faux fur were found to contain cat, raccoon dog, and rabbit fur. The import and sale of domestic fur from cats and dogs have been … please continue reading

Desmond’s Law will enable law students in Connecticut to gather evidence for cases of animal abuse

At least four animals in Connecticut are being given a voice in court, thanks to the April 2016 passage of Desmond’s Law. Desmond’s Law is named after a shelter dog who was starved, beaten and strangled to death in Branford … please continue reading

Veterinary nurse finds 15 tiny kittens abandoned in a suitcase on the side of the road

A group of 15 tiny kittens is currently in the care of the U.K.’s leading feline welfare charity after being found inside a suitcase Saturday morning. It’s believed that whoever dumped the kittens in the suitcase meant for them to … please continue reading