Is Wagga Wagga City Council Animal Shelter the Cruellest Ever?

Cat saved from shelter

Wagga Wagga City Council animal shelter is in Australia. Judging by volunteer whistle-blowers, one of whom kept a diary, it is, in my judgement, the worst animal shelter in the world with evidence indicating that there was and probably still … please continue reading

New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission’s Decision to Start Hunting the Bobcat Has Been Blocked

Protest over decision to recommence limited Bobcat hunting in NH

You may remember that the New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission (‘the Commission’) made a decision, in a close vote, to make it legal to hunt and trap bobcats in the state despite overwhelming opposition from the public. The Commission’s … please continue reading

African Lion Who Had Legitimately Wandered from Nairobi National Park Shot Dead With Nine Bullets


This is the sad story of the best-known resident of Nairobi National Park, Mohawk, a male lion who was seen wandering around a place called Isinya, 35 miles south of the capital, Nairobi, on Wednesday morning. Nairobi National Park, Kenya, … please continue reading

Happy Ending For Dog Pictured Being Dragged Along By Rowan County Animal Control Officer

In a recent article by Elisa on the concerns regarding animal welfare at Rowan County Animal Control, a photograph showed a dog being dragged along rough tarmaced ground by his neck with an animal grasper. The person dragging the dog … please continue reading