Arrogant companion animal Ph.D. nutritionists criticised by pet food consumer expert Susan Thixton

Susan Thixton is one of the world’s best and most knowledgeable pet food consumer advocates. She really does understand the quality problems that we have with pet food of which many consumers are unaware. Susan is a champion of all … please continue reading

Lady adopts three blinded sibling cats to keep them together

In Dubai, three abandoned tabby cats living in a warehouse had become blind because of a viral infection which appears to have developed into a secondary, bacterial infection which had destroyed the eyes of the three siblings, one male and … please continue reading

Feeding abandoned, domesticated cats is “harboring a stray animal” and a crime

In Chesapeake, perhaps in all of the state of Virginia (the story is not clear), it is a crime to feed abandoned cats and find them good homes. The crime is peculiar and hardly fits the activity. Debbie Manzione was … please continue reading

Rescue of a Massachusetts cat stuck in a storm drain grate goes viral

With all of the abuse stories that flood the news these days, it’s refreshing to come across a feel-good rescue story. The rescue of a cat stuck in a storm drain grate has gone viral since Facebook: Winchendon Fire Department … please continue reading