Washington State Veterinary Medical Association Agree That Declawing Causes Long-term Health Problems in 20% of Cats

The New York Daily News reports that the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association (WSVMA) state that declawing causes “negative experiences” in half the cats operated on, which is hardly surprising since the cats have suffered ten amputations in one go! … please continue reading

In Australia Some Commercial Cat Food Could Cause “Severe Illness or Injury” to Adult Cats

Peer-reviewed research at the University of Sydney published in the Australian Veterinary Journal has concluded that some commercial pet food could cause severe illness or injury to adult cats. This is shocking news. This is outrageous news. But it does … please continue reading

Facebook Spamming and Tagging Policies Continue to Hurt Animal Advocates

While the suspension of Facebook privileges has been in effect as far back as July 6, 2011, when Mark Zuckerburg held a news conference at Facebook headquarters announcing how spam filters were taking aim at animal advocates, this continues to be … please continue reading