Free-living Istanbul cat remembered in a bronze statue

Tombili a Turkish street cat

This is another good news cat story. We like them because there are too many bad news cat stories. Most cats in Turkey are “free-living”. Another term is “community cats”. They don’t have owners. They share their time between a … please continue reading

Good Cat News: Washington University stops using cats in the training of pediatric doctors

sedated cat used for intubation training

At last, advancements in medical mannequins and simulators has motivated Washington University’s School of Medicine to stop using sedated cats when training doctors in how to insert a tube down the windpipe of a baby (intubation). For many people the … please continue reading

Attorney for Texas veterinarian Kristen Lindsey has already filed an appeal

Kristen Lindsey

The attorney for Texas veterinarian Kristen Lindsey has already announced his intention to appeal the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners’ suspension of his client, reported October 19. Attorney Brian Bishop didn’t waste any time following the decision on … please continue reading