Cat burned in house fire befriends and supports many other animals at veterinary hospital

Russell a tabby cat supports dog at vet hospital

The is a gloriously optimistic and charming story. Russell, a ginger tabby, was badly burned in a house fire. He lost his ears which tells you how bad it was. He has been at a North Carolina hospital, Animal Emergency Hospital … please continue reading

Government Plans to Seize All Tigers From Thailand’s Cruel Tiger Temple

The now famous Tiger Temple is a Theravada Buddhist temple in western Thailand. It was founded in 1994. A tourist site states that there are 167 tigers there. It is run by buddhist monks. It looks totally kosher. Monks and tigers … please continue reading

Lolita’s advocates work hard to set this imprisoned Orca free

Captive orca

Lolita isn’t a cat. While she isn’t a beloved finned-family member, she presently has a group of devoted active animal advocates who are working passionately to set her free. These advocates are in the process of taking further legal action … please continue reading