Rogue cop killed cat entangled in barbed wire with a hammer

Rogue cop killed cat

Centralia, Washington, USA: You may remember the tragic tale of Freddy, a tabby cat, who was entangled in barbed wire on a fence. Someone called the police and Officer Philip Reynolds turned up. He decided to kill the cat with … please continue reading

Judge Judy is wrong in the matter of a cat who scratches a dog’s eye

Judge Judy

The video shows an extract of a judge Judy case. The sound is hard to hear. I have heard it several times and the scenario is as follows: The claimant was walking her dog on a lead in what she … please continue reading

What have you learnt over the years from your cat and about cat caretaking?

Above: Gabriel moving warily in the garden. It’s true, the older you get the wiser you get and the more you don’t get wound up or bothered about things. You learn to live in the present and you learn to … please continue reading

Cat photos: one enormous Maine Coon and one strange black-and-white coat

This is another very impressively large Maine Coon cat. I don’t know his name. I don’t know where the photograph was taken either. Perhaps someone can hekp? What you can see from the photograph is that his face is about … please continue reading