In Act of Gross Stupidity Animal Control Officer Shoots Domestic Cat Dead on Owner’s Porch

I say that the animal control officer was very stupid. I have prejudged that based upon what I’ve read. It may be the case that he was both stupid and malicious but we will have to leave final judgement to … please continue reading

Just What the Australian Authorities Are Looking for: Injectable Contraception for Feral Cats!

I can’t leave this discussion alone. The discussion about how the Australian authorities are deciding how to deal with what they consider to be a national pest and destroyer of native wildlife: the feral cat. There must be a more … please continue reading

Should it be Mandatory for All Veterinarians to Write Prescriptions for their Clients?

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Veterinary care for chronically ill kitties is often extremely expensive. Since kitty guardians want to be able to take excellent care of their beloved cats and give them the best quality of life, those of us who are taking care … please continue reading