Serial cat torturer and killer must be punished to the maximum the law allows

Serial cat killer

The time has come for the judge to punish Robert Farmer, a notorious cat torturer and killer who pleaded guilty to all 21 counts felony counts of animal cruelty which took place in a quiet San Jose neighbourhood last year. … please continue reading

News media personalities play with cats and dogs to promote local adoption

This story is a positive one involving local news media personalities and their efforts to get shelter pets adopted. I’m not sure whether this is a local thing or whether news stations across the country participate, but it’s good exposure, … please continue reading

Feral cats starve because of ban on feeding them as part of TNR program as it attracts coyotes

Feral cats Astoria

The management of local businesses (confirmed by the city’s Department of Environmental Protection, which operates the plant) in the neighborhood of Astoria, New York City, USA have decided to ban the feeding of feral cats as part of a longstanding … please continue reading

Humane Society of Greenwood is working to identify and help feral cats in their community

The Humane Society of Greenwood, South Carolina is working to identify and help feral and community cats in the Greenwood County area. This may not sound like big news to some, but with so many communities against TNR, it’s good … please continue reading