South Carolina Floods: Good and Bad Human Behavior in Rescuing Cats and Dogs

SC Floods

The devastating flooding in South Carolina from Hurricane Joaquin has left more than a dozen people dead and thousands displaced from Columbia to Charleston. In the midst of this disaster, the people of South Carolina have banded together to provide … please continue reading

Is the Domestic Cat Becoming Less Popular in Australia and the UK?

I recently wrote a short article about a survey which concluded that the domestic cat population in Australia was declining except in Tasmania. Not soon after I read that article I bumped into another article written by the science correspondent … please continue reading

The Ethical Differences between Declawing a Cat and Sterilising a Cat

The ethics of spaying and declawing

I often read comments by people who don’t like cats (or cat lovers) which confidently state that there is no difference from an ethical standpoint between declawing a cat and sterilising a cat. They boldly question why we don’t criticise … please continue reading