Case of veterinarian who killed cat will go to District Attorney

According to an April 21 report by ABC13 News, the case of a Texas veterinarian who killed a cat with a bow and arrow will go to the Austin County District Attorney. Austin County Sheriff Jack Brandes announced Tuesday morning … please continue reading

Is the photo of Kristen Lindsey holding a dead cat with an arrow through the head Photoshopped?

Is the photograph of Kristen Lindsey, a veterinarian, holding up a ginger tabby-and-white cat that she allegedly shot with an arrow photo-edited or not? I think this is a very important question and worth exploring, which I do here.   … please continue reading

Uninterested sheriff investigates veterinarian’s bow and arrow shooting of cat. What chance justice?

The sheriff who is investigating this alleged crime gives the impression he is not interested in it. Surprised? You want justice? I don’t think you are going to get it. This is a follow up to the veterinarian bow and … please continue reading