Bobcat Kittens Growing Up Timescale and Details

In North America some people search for bobcat kittens to adopt and treat as domestic cat companions. This page is about bobcat kittens in the wild, from conception to independence. Sadly, a lot of the studies about bobcat reproduction comes … please continue reading

Employees at Mars Petcare kibble manufacturing facility claim they were exposed to pesticides on pet food ingredients

This is an extraordinary story but perhaps not that surprising knowing as we do the shenanigans of big business. A group of employees at a Mars Petcare kibble manufacturing facility are suing the company in negligence because they claim that … please continue reading

Laos government worked with illegal animal trafficking businesses in corrupt deals for profit

The Guardian newspaper has published a lengthy and very admirable report about how senior Laos officials, going all the way up to the Prime Minister’s office, worked with businesses involved in the mass importation and exportation of the body parts … please continue reading