Does Your Cat Need Two Litter Boxes?

Your cat might need two litter boxes. Has that ever occurred to you? I have never heard of it but it may be the case that, rarely, a domestic cat may need two litter boxes as some cats have a … please continue reading

Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter Allegedly Killed Four Tonkinese Kittens

I have received a very poignant comment from a Tonkinese cat breeder in America about Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter and how she believes it killed four of her kittens who, incidentally, had been earmarked for adoption by clients. Tonkinese cats … please continue reading

Veterinarian Talks Cat Owner Out of Using Soft Paws and Into Declawing

The story comes from an anonymous contributor. It is very believable. The cat owner concerned shared her story with the website. She says that her veterinarian convinced her to not to use Soft Paws, and declaw her three cats … please continue reading

Veterinarians Who Say Declawing Cats Saves Lives Are Lying

At council hearings where the subject of banning declawing has been debated, veterinarians represented by the AVMA, have insisted that they declaw cats because it prevents owners abandoning their cats. The argument is that owners have problems with their cats’ … please continue reading

BBC Presenter Became Suicidal on the Death of His Pets

Chris Packham is a very honest person. He has spoken incredibly honestly about his depression. He suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome which is a condition within the autistic spectrum. His story is poignant. It reinforces what we know, namely, that many … please continue reading

Ricky Gervais Supports The Paw Project and Encourages New York State to Ban Declawing

It is great to see the well-known comedian and actor both supporting The Paw Project and encouraging New York legislators to turn the Bill they are debating on the banning of declawing into law (a statute). The debate amongst the … please continue reading