Training Your Cat To Use A Scratching Post And Where to Put It

Large scratching post

I’d like people’s input on this if you have ideas and time. We all know how important a scratching post is. It allows a domestic cat to express his/her natural desires to scratch without upsetting his owner who may be … please continue reading

Questions on whether shelters should do background checks on rescues arise after 2 banned from NC shelter

rescue cats

Once again there’s turmoil in the cat advocacy world, this time coming out of North Carolina. The whole situation brings into question as to whether shelters should do background checks on the rescues who pull cats from them. I’ll be … please continue reading

Eight-year-old Girl Beats Companion Animal But This is Not a Crime

An eight-year-old girl was videoed beating a puppy in Stephenville, Texas. All the evidence is there for a successful prosecution for animal cruelty under Texas animal welfare laws but the police were disinterested in the matter. The video went viral … please continue reading