Give Persian and Himalayan Cats Room to Breathe with the Help of Regulations

Flat-faced Persian

Both the Persian and the Himalayan cats are breeds known as brachycephalic. This, as you may know, means a skull and face which is, in a general sense, round. In the Persian and Himalayan cat it means that the face … please continue reading

Petition Stopped Cruel Training On Cats

Cats used for training medical students

Petitions do work….sometimes. At one time I thought they didn’t. This is a notable success. This is not hot-of-the-press news but interesting information nonetheless. Both myself and Elisa have written about this before as has Robyn Gianotti. At one time, … please continue reading

How a Legacy of $125,000 to Help Fight Cat Declawing was Misused

In her will, Rhoda Hogan gave $125,000 (USD) to: “An organization to be used to publicize and educate the public about the cruel effect of de-clawing cats and to support legislation forbidding it.” I have to conclude that Rhoda was … please continue reading