Tender story of love restores badly burned feral kitten to health and happiness

TLC restored this badly burnt kitten to health and happiness

The ‘before’ photos are hard to look at, I admit, but the story is very positive and ending very good. It is a good cat story despite the tragedy of being badly injured by a fire. What comes across is the loving care given by Luka who restored the kitten to health and happiness and the tenacity of the kitten to survive. please continue reading

Former Carteret County animal shelter director sentenced to prison after being convicted of embezzling over $100K

A former Carteret County, North Carolina animal shelter director was sentenced to prison on December 13 as part of a plea agreement. PoC first covered the story on March 18. Candace Christopherson will spend between 60-84 months in prison after … please continue reading

Cat rescued by firefighters was euthanized because he had FIV

Rescued cat had FIV and was put down

Firefighters went to considerable effort to save the life of a cat who had fallen into a canal and was stuck. The RSPCA took charge after the successful rescue. They determined that as the cat had FIV he was not fit for returning to where he was found or rehoming. The cat seems to have been domesticated. They made a poor judgement in my view. please continue reading

A perfect storm of mass pet abandonments and overburdened shelters follows Peurto Rico’s hurricane damage

Cats in the aftermath of hurricane maria on puerto rico

Associated Press presents a dire situation concerning the cats and dogs of Puerto Rico. Hurricane Maria devastated the island and shattered the animal shelter system while cat and dog owners have taken to abandoning their pets in large numbers for … please continue reading