Decomposed Cat Carcasses in Cat Carriers Scattered Around Outside in Madison and Mayodan, NC, USA

Dead cats in carriers, Madison and surrounding area, USA

Yes, another case of callous, neglect and cat cruelty. Who is the culprit? Only a cold-hearted, mean-spirited, nasty individual (or individuals) could do this. The gravity of the crime is underscored by the fact that The Humane Society of the … please continue reading

Does Your Cat Need Two Litter Boxes?

Your cat might need two litter boxes. Has that ever occurred to you? I have never heard of it but it may be the case that, rarely, a domestic cat may need two litter boxes as some cats have a … please continue reading

Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter Allegedly Killed Four Tonkinese Kittens

I have received a very poignant comment from a Tonkinese cat breeder in America about Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter and how she believes it killed four of her kittens who, incidentally, had been earmarked for adoption by clients. Tonkinese cats … please continue reading

Veterinarian Talks Cat Owner Out of Using Soft Paws and Into Declawing

The story comes from an anonymous contributor. It is very believable. The cat owner concerned shared her story with the website. She says that her veterinarian convinced her to not to use Soft Paws, and declaw her three cats … please continue reading