Anarchy is breaking out in Blue Mountains, Australia as 65 cats have been killed by vigilantes

Anarchy is breaking out in the city of Blue Mountains in Australia because it appears that vigilantes, cat haters, are roaming around the place at night killing cats at will and in a sadistic manner while the authorities know nothing about it despite the fact that the citizens have reported the matter to the press and have talked about it amongst themselves. please continue reading

Do white cats have a shorter life span?

Mikey a deaf white cat

There is no direct reason why white cats should have shorter lifespan. Although white cats can be deaf and have odd-eye color. The deafness makes the white cat more vulnerable outside. However, I am sure nearly all owners of deaf, white cats keep them inside. Therefore I’d argue that there is no reason why white cats should have a shorter lifespan than average. please continue reading

The Woman Who Refused to Give up on an Angry Cat: Sarah’s Story

Angry tabby Cat

Patience and plenty of TLC can turn around an aggressive cat. It has happened many times. Often it concerns feral cats. In this instance a rescue cat became aggressive because of an unfortunate incident. It took patience, wisdom and commitment to get things back on track. please continue reading

North Carolina’s The Goathouse Refuge for cats survived a gun range but can it survive?

Siglinda with Dusty, an 18y old neglect case survivor

This post about a cat refuge in North Carolina surviving against the odds is headed with a fine photograph of two beautiful beings: the refuge’s owner – such a sweet lady – and one of her cats; an elderly 18-year-old called Dusty. Both have sweet expressions. Such tenderness and love. It leaps from the page. please continue reading