Ruth the Paralyzed cat and Idgie, her loving Dachshund guardian: Featured stars on Nat Geo Wild

Early last year the inspirational and heart-touching story about a sweet, partially paralyzed tuxedo kitten named Ruth and her devoted Dachshund side-kick puppy named Idgie went viral. The two were almost “glued at the hip” companion animals were named after … please continue reading

We need good, independent scientific studies on the quality and suitability of cat food

Scientific study on cat food

Yes, we need fully independent scientific studies on the quality of the different types of cat food: manufactured dry and wet, and raw. But what is the likelihood of us ever having sight these quality scientific studies? There is a … please continue reading

Prime Minister will double security for Larry the No 10 cat in the wake of Crufts multiple poisonings

Although tongue-in-cheque, Prime Minister Cameron, in a radio interview on Heart Radio said he’d double security for the famous Larry, No 10’s resident cat, having expressed his shock at the alleged 6 poisonings of dogs at Crufts, one of which … please continue reading