World’s only animal shelter located in the grounds of a prison

Animal shelter inside a prison

It is called a “correct(ional) approach to animal sheltering”. I like that. This is an animal shelter within the medium security Dixon Correctional Institute, run by a prison warden and staffed by some of the prisoners. It has been running … please continue reading

Petition American Bird Conservancy. Stop your witch hunt against cats!

Bids killed by manmade objects

The debate over the number of birds killed by cats has grown stronger over the past few decades, especially since the internet came into play. Information once found only in magazines or periodicals can now be read with the click … please continue reading

Sudden change in pooping habits. The poop is right next to her litter box

This title to this post describes a cat behavior problem which is fairly commonly encountered except I have specified a particular type of ‘inappropriate elimination’. Let’s remind ourselves that ‘inappropriate elimination’ means inappropriate for us. That is obvious. From the … please continue reading