Why isn’t Integrative/Holistic Veterinary Medicine More Widely Accepted?

Holistic veterinary medicine

Integrative veterinary care is the integral ingredient in treating the whole animal. The focus in an Integrative practice is to treat both the animal’s body and mind, using a combination of conventional medicine with a variety of alternative therapies. Today … please continue reading

Estimated 30% of All USA Pet Food Is Legally Adulterated

Based upon federal law, approximately 30% of pet food sold in the USA can be described as adulterated. The reason is that federal law states that pet food must be considered adulterated if any of the ingredients do not come … please continue reading

Geezer Butler, Founding Member of Black Sabbath Supports New York Ban on Declawing

Geezer Butler

I’m delighted to report that Black Sabbath’s co-founder and bassist is a self-proclaimed crazy cat person vehemently against the declawing of cats. He likes performing in New York and you may recall that in the state of New York the … please continue reading

Fort Oglethorpe City Ordinance Makes it a Crime to Feed Feral Cats

A Catoosa County, Georgia woman is facing charges for feeding a colony of feral cats in Fort Oglethorpe. The city has a new ordinance making it illegal for people to feed feral cats. Residents are upset because they’ve been tending … please continue reading