Grapefruit seed extract for cats

You can buy grapefruit seed extract in commercial products such as Nutribiotic®. People say that when it is diluted with water it is an excellent health remedy as it kills a whole host of microorganisms and/or it inhibits their growth. … please continue reading

Classical music is purrfect for cats. Handel is best!

Music of handel is best for cats

Another study on cats and music, published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, on March 30, 2015, found that cats are indifferent to pop music, dislike heavy metal but quite like a bit of classical, particularly George Handel. … please continue reading

Rogue cop killed cat entangled in barbed wire with a hammer

Rogue cop killed cat

Centralia, Washington, USA: You may remember the tragic tale of Freddy, a tabby cat, who was entangled in barbed wire on a fence. Someone called the police and Officer Philip Reynolds turned up. He decided to kill the cat with … please continue reading

Judge Judy is wrong in the matter of a cat who scratches a dog’s eye

The video shows an extract of a judge Judy case. The sound is hard to hear. I have heard it several times and the scenario is as follows: The claimant was walking her dog on a lead in what she … please continue reading