Kitten Loses Leg in Mousetrap

This is a warning to cat owners. After reading the reports and watching the video below a mousetrap must be regarded as another potential household cat and kitten hazard. Kittens are particularly vulnerable. There are many potential hazards, believe me. … please continue reading

It is not cats who are FERAL. Our attitude is FERAL towards them

By Ahsan ul Huq in Pakistan In 2006, when I decided to feed the feral cats of my area, I had no knowledge about the needs or psychologies of these feral cats. I felt like a kind/gentle-hearted person towards them … please continue reading

Tina Briggs rescues and rehomes 15 feral kittens and cats

Black Earth, WI, USA: with the help of colleagues Dan and Judy, Tina Briggs saved, restored to health, spayed, neutered and re-homed, fifteen feral kittens and cats who were living in the local, disused Black Earth Feedmill. Living nearby she … please continue reading