Kitten takes a ride in the engine compartment of a car and finds a forever home

This is the happy ending story of a kitten who took a ride (two, in fact) in the engine compartment of a car and in the process found a forever home. Kelly Hawthorne lives in Shawnee, Kansas. She recently took a … please continue reading

Student murdered a well-known cat so he could feel better he said

Chan attacked by mob

They say that gross animal cruelty is a precursor to violence against people. I think it applies very strongly in this instance. A 24-year-old student from Macau living in Taipei, Taiwan brutally killed a tabby cat belonging to a vegetarian … please continue reading

Fire and Rescue called out to try and save a cat strangled in a reclining chair

Recliners can kill cats

A cat died after becoming trapped in the mechanism of a reclining chair. Apparently, the cat’s owner was adjusting the chair while watching television. Kent Fire and Rescue were called out to Vincent Gardens, Sheerness, and around 6:30 pm on … please continue reading